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You see, this guide is packed full of resources that will leave you with more financial clarity than you had when you found it

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Welcome to the CFO Starter Kit.

In this totally FREE, jam-packed set of spreadsheets, you’ll find:

The Budget & Pay Calculator

Which will tell you how much to start paying yourself and how you should allocate your next deposit by percentages - tailored for your business - to ensure you’re covering all your bases.

The Revenue Goal Calculator

To help you determine how much money your business needs to bring in so that you can cover all your responsibilities: expenses, taxes, paying yourself, and having your desired profit margin leftover.

The One Bank Account Profit First Tracker

Want to start Profit First ASAP without needing multiple bank accounts or a budgeting tool? This easy-to-use spreadsheet will help you to track your income allocations, track all withdrawals, and keep a running balance of your Profit First accounts.

The Simple Service Pricing Calculator

Frustrated trying to set a price for your services? Let this calculator give you a starting point by calculating not just your direct costs to provide the service, but also your hourly rate required to pay yourself your desired wage! Then, walk through the checklist exercises of “Added Value Adjustments” to help you determine a fair premium to charge for your expertise.

The Simple Revenue Planner

A quick and easy calculator to help you organize your paid offers and their prices and figure out how many of each offer you need to sell in order to reach your revenue goal for the week, month, quarter, or year!

The Cash Flow Forecast Tool

I teach you how to budget today’s actual dollars, but what about when you want to plan ahead? Map out all your income client deposits and sales payouts for the remainder of the year and compare them with the monthly revenue goals that you set. You’ll be able to see exactly when you need to inject more cash into your business - way before the need actually arises!

The Monthly Investment Calculator

Wondering if you can afford to take on a new monthly cost? Enter your actual data and this calculator will tell you exactly what criteria your business needs to meet in order to justify a new addition to your budget!

The Compliance Checklist

Overwhelmed with the legal and tax compliance measures you’re constantly being told you need to take in order to start your business? Sometimes, it’s not quite as complicated as you think. Walk through this guided checklist to focus on what matters most when starting a new online business.

The Resource List

Last, but not least, is a resource roundup full of links to the best programs, tools, books, online resources, and experts for implementing everything you learn while walking through the CFO Starter Kit. This list also includes my personal recommendations if you’re in the market for a bookkeeper, tax pro, or attorney!

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Your information is private and won't be shared with anyone.

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